Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lately.....Part II

So here I am....two months since my last post, no surprise there.  I think about blogging often.  Seriously. I think "I don't want to forget this moment" but at the same time I want to take it all in.  Which I do, but unfortunately that doesn't carry over the moment into a history log.
A few weeks ago we were at church and I had to use the BR after the homily.  I took you with me just to let you stretch your legs since that's what you wanted to do anyways.  On our way back to the pew you saw Daddy and just picked up the pace.  I knew you spotted where to go so I patiently let you lead the way - Mr. Independent.  We got to the pew when all of a sudden you stopped - dropped to one knee and bowed.  Yep you genuflected. IT was the sweetest moment and one of the proudest for your Daddy and myself.  I often wonder.....and pray of course, what you are really retaining and learning from us, especially when it comes to our Catholic Faith.  As your mom, I constantly pray for guidance to lead you in the right direction and pray you grow and appreciate your Faith as much as you should. Because I will tell you Jonah, it is our everything.  Love, your constantly praying mommy.

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