Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lately.....Part II

So here I am....two months since my last post, no surprise there.  I think about blogging often.  Seriously. I think "I don't want to forget this moment" but at the same time I want to take it all in.  Which I do, but unfortunately that doesn't carry over the moment into a history log.
A few weeks ago we were at church and I had to use the BR after the homily.  I took you with me just to let you stretch your legs since that's what you wanted to do anyways.  On our way back to the pew you saw Daddy and just picked up the pace.  I knew you spotted where to go so I patiently let you lead the way - Mr. Independent.  We got to the pew when all of a sudden you stopped - dropped to one knee and bowed.  Yep you genuflected. IT was the sweetest moment and one of the proudest for your Daddy and myself.  I often wonder.....and pray of course, what you are really retaining and learning from us, especially when it comes to our Catholic Faith.  As your mom, I constantly pray for guidance to lead you in the right direction and pray you grow and appreciate your Faith as much as you should. Because I will tell you Jonah, it is our everything.  Love, your constantly praying mommy.

Summer Loving

                                                      Obviously these are catch up pics!

Friday, September 12, 2014


Just a few things I don't want to forget.  The other day you told your dad "Bless You" out of the blue when he sneezed.  Made us smile.
We were running late b/c you actually slept until 7:05 the other AM so ate your cheese toast on the way to school.  I gave you half and drove off.  I hear from the back seat "Mommy! Mommy! It's boken. CHEE TOE BOKEN"  And I turned around to find your half in two pieces b/c you tore it apart, so I guess yes, your chee toe was in fact boken. :)
You picked up my phone and held it out and said "Cheese" like you were taking a selfie.  Intern and I cracked up.
If we say the words "In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit" you immediately follow up with "AMEN"
When the sun is in your eyes you yell "HOT! HOT!"  Not bright.  Love it.
That's a little of lately.

Two years ago yesterday.....

Was your due date. Yep, you were actually due on 9-11-12.  Obviously that didn't happen, but it definitely gave a new positive on that date that is stuck in our heads and hearts as one of the scariest things to have lived through.  I actually was living in London at the time and was at work when we received word about the first plane crashing into the twin towers.  I thought it was a joke honestly.  Soon did I realize when they evacuated us that this was anything but a joke.  Working in the financial district in the heart of London, they were scared and nervous they could possibly be next.  Who knows with crazy right?  I spent the next few days completely oblivious to what was going on at home, only following what I could on TV, but not being able to really get in touch with anyone.  One of the scariest things ever.  I'm so glad I have you to always think about on 9-11, how it was going to now be one of the happiest days of my life had that been your b-day.....but it will always be your due date.  Two years ago yesterday.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Goodnight my sweet 1 year old

Dear Jonah,

Oh hello there it's mommy. I know... where have I been you might ask?  Well for starters trying to take in every moment I can with you, my non-stop, tractor/backhoe/all vehicle loving active son.  I just laid you down for the very last time as a 1 year old.  Where does the time go Jonah?  I feel like it was just yesterday you were trying your best to come on out into this world early and mission accomplished.  Maybe that was a little foreshadowing of how you were going to be in life.  If you want something, you will do what you can to get it.  5 weeks early and you have not. stopped. since.  Your Daddy often refers to you as "Little Al" and I know all about not wanting to miss a moment of life, and also being stubborn, both of which you inherited.  This can often cause us to butt heads of course b/c you are SO much like me and already have this pride thing going.  And...I love you for it.  I love your determination.  Your drive.  Your willingness to consistently push over and over to get something that you want....even if this means driving me crazy.  Its one of those things as a parent I don't want to knock down.  You have more confidence as a not quite yet 2 year old over some adults I know.  I hope this consistently peaks, but it is our job as your parents, to keep you grounded of course. On the flip side of this, you are one of the most loving children I have ever met.  Your love for mommy is at an all-time high right now.  Right before I put you to bed tonight I said "Jonah it's time to go night night" and you ran towards the stairs. You stopped and turned around with the sweetest smile and said "Mommy!" and held out your hand to take mine.  I think you also may know tomorrow is a big milestone and as much as I thought I wouldn't be sad, it sure does tug on my heart that you are one year older, so you have been extra sweet :)  So even though you may throw balls as hard as you can, and play rough with Jake at school, you will turn around and hug just as fast as you can throw down.  We are working on your manners as well and you have "Pweeze" down, as you tap your little chest.  Tank tou we are still working on and this week you have started Ye man. (Yes mam)
You counted to 13 today going down the stairs.  You take in so much more than you lead on.  Even though you are running laps around me sometimes while I read and sing, I now believe you catch a thing or two ;)
We have done our best as parents to mold you into the little person that you are becoming so rapidly before our eyes. It is absolutely crazy you have already been with us for two whole years.  You were my world even before you were born and now that you have been here for two years, my heart has made room for so many special memories.  Memories that will live there forever, but I want to be sure to document so you can one day go back and re-live them too.  It won't be long before I forget some of these so it is important to put down.
Right now - you absolutely love any sort of vehicle.  You sit up and just stare out the window to see any sort of vehicle you can point out - school bus, big truck, "ack ho," dozer, doom buggy, bi-kick-cull (my personal fav.)  You are the biggest Elsa fan I know.  Yes, you don't stop moving until we put Frozen on.  I am not sure what it is, but she is often your first word when you wake up in the AM.  It's OK for now, but Jonah, give brunettes a chance too for me in the future.  Your vocabulary has recently skyrocketed and you amaze me every day with something new.  The things you associate already blow my mind.  I was on the phone w/ Grammy just today on the way home from school and said "Papa-D" and you said "boat" I said does Papa D have a boat? And you nodded your head and said "Kayak"  - wow.  If you see a convertible in a book you also say "Pa-D" which goes along with your love of cars I know.  You LOVE LOVE LOVE Baby Ryan, and absolutely light up when you see him come into a room.  It is so sweet just how much you care for him, even though you don't quite understand what "gentle" means yet.  I hope you are always his protector and best friend.  I hope you always stay kind.  I still tell you every day when I leave you at school "Love you.  Have a good day. BE kind to everyone."  All of this is very important and keep that with you for life.  Tell your own kids this when the day comes.
I love how you say "Hot Hot" when the sun is shining right in your eyes.  I have told you it is "bright" and not "hot" but it's too cute to keep correcting.
We say our prayers on the way to school and this AM you handed me your milk cup so you could hold your rosary (Rose- EE).  I may have teared up.  You don't know the prayers yet, but you definitely know "AMEN" and "Mary" - in fact the other week in church you saw a statue of Mary holding baby Jesus with her eyes closed and you let the whole church that "MAWEE TEEPING"  Please continue to grow strong in your Catholic Faith as we pray to God daily to help us as parents to grow and nourish this as well.
I can't tell you how much it makes my heart melt to watch your admiration for your Daddy.  You ask to "Hewp" all the time.  You are the greatest plant waterer I know.  Definitely better than your mommy :)  Anything that you can do "Oww SYY" count you in.  It doesn't matter if it is 110 degrees, you won't be phased.  I hope you learn everything your Daddy knows about everything, and grow up to be just like him.  You have the best example of how you are supposed to take care of your wife one day and father your children.  You are lucky.  Don't ever forget this.
You have become quite the "Foodie" which isn't a bad thing.  Your Daddy and I both LOVE to eat and eat good food.  We try our best to set a good example and help you to understand what foods fuel your body so you can feel your best.  You have to get that energy from somewhere right?!  You will try anything and some of your favorite foods at the moment are grapes, banana pancakes with PB, any sort of fish and meat, cheese and larabars :)  But again, there isn't much you won't eat.  You put down two pieces of tomato feta pie last week and followed it up with sardines and wanted more.  You still only drink water and milk and that's OK by me too.  That's all you need besides coffee one day ;)  Thank you for being such a good eater as I know in the future this may change. I love our Saturday AM dates to the Farmer's Market to pick you out the juciest canteloupe we can find.  You love saying "HI DOG" To all of the dogs out there and love our runs along the river.  You LOVE the jogging stroller still and I greatly appreciate this.  We chase the squirrels and the birds and always stop at the park.  These are memories that will stick with me forever as I hope they do you too.
Your Daddy thinks you are a Momma's boy right now and at the moment I can't argue.  You make me feel like a celebrity when I walk through this door.  You can't give me too many kisses or hug my neck too many times.  I always think the perfect seat is in my lap too reading your favorite books.  This is one of your favorite things for us to do. That and painting with water outside :)  one day we will get the real paint out Bud, but you are so content right now why should we change right?!
The most precious thing you are saying at the moment is "YUV YOU" when we sign " I LOVE YOU" -truly melts our hearts.  One day I put you down for bed and you laid down and said "Nite nite" and as I was walking out of your room you sat up and said "Mommy!" I said "Yes Jonah?" And you said "YUV YOU" in the sweetest voice before laying back down.  I will never forget that day.  And that will never get old.  And at that moment I knew in my heart, you truly understood what that meant.  Just like tonight when Da da asked for a hug and you ran and jumped in his arms as he signed to you and you said "Yuv you" :)  Sweet sweet boy.  I know even though you disagree with our parenting choices in not letting you play with knives, or jumping off of the tallest bridge at the park, you truly know we love you and that will never change.  Any of those actually.
One word I will never get sick of hearing is "MOMMY!" B/c this title is the greatest title in the world.  It means that God has entrusted me with your being.  You are the greatest gift we have ever received in life and even though I may not remember all of these little moments one day, I will always remember the way you are mine and your Da Da's world and how much we love you.  We are truly blessed and you will always be my sunshine.  I hope you have had the best time making memories with us as we have with you.  Here's to many many more but for now....Goodnight my sweet 1 year old. Love you.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Where have I been?!

I don't even have to respond b/c it is my blog and I can be MIA for as long as I want right?!  #busylifewithatoddler  #workingmomprobs
Anyways I start Spring Break this afternoon - whoo hoo and yes, I have one of those again in life.  I know, good stuff.  MAYBE I will catch up on some postings, but at least for now some baby workout entertainment by yours truly.  This kid LOVES to run and do push ups, v-ups, whatever else he can attempt to mimic.  Hope you stay this way Jeez!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Santa....1st and 2nd

I just had to share last year's Santa pics vs. this years.  I guess I think that Christmas plaid is the proper attire for these photos, and much to my surprise, Jeez shocked us with a "no tear or scream" Santa pic.  As clingy as he can be right now, for some reason Santa intrigued him.....that and he didn't have time to realize what was going on.  I also give props to the bayou Santa (this year we took in LA) he may have smelled like...well, what you can imagine a LA Santa smelling like ;)  But that's ok, we got this great pic right?!  And also included are family pics from this year....can you tell we don't like to take pics right now? That means we have to stop playing with balls. So this is what we got!

Blurry b/c he can't stay still! Love this wild man :)